Band Aims.

Here is a list of the aims of Gravesend Borough Band...

For the public:

  • To entertain the public.
  • At bandstand concerts throughout the Southeast, during the summer e.g. Gravesend, Bexhill, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Eastbourne, Folkstone, Herne-Bay, Hever Castle, Hythe, Maidstone, and Whitstable.
  • At indoor venues e.g. local churches and halls, through the winter.
  • To play at the annual Remembrance service held at Clarence Place War Memorial each November.

For band members:

  • Give members an enjoyable and rewarding experience, both at practice and at concerts.
  • Encourage and help members improve their musicianship.
  • Supply a uniform to each band member.
  • Supply an instrument to band members who do not have one of their own.
  • Not to charge membership a fee, as the members are the ones who earn the band its income at concerts.
  • To partially recompense those members who drive the long distances to summer engagements transporting instruments, equipment, and other musicians.

For others:

  • To play one or two charity concerts each year to help those in need.

For the band:

  • To welcome any musician of reasonable standard who plays an instrument the band encompasses, regardless of sex, race, creed, or disability.
  • To have a balanced budget, or make a small profit, on day to day running of the band each year.
  • To have a reserve of money available to purchase new music, uniforms, and instruments, when required. (Music costs between 40 and 150 per piece, new instruments from 1000 to 5500)
  • To act as a good ambassadors for Gravesend.