Past Concerts and Events - 1880s

As far as we know the Gravesend Town Band was formed sometime in 1880, however we have no documentary proof of that yet. However we hope that local newspapers of the time may contain reports of our founding.
There are earlier mentions of bands and Gravesend which have been noted here for interest and future investigation. Some may relate to entertainments in Rosherville Gardens, Northfleet (1837-1901 and 1903-1911) which became a favourite destination for thousands of Londoners.
As much as we would love to have details of concerts or events relating to the band in this decade we do not know of any, if you have any please contact us.
Pre-1880 Date Venue Time
Fri 13/05/1831 Article about General Elections in the Morning Chronicle mentioning "Gravesend-band". Probably nothing to do with us, however noted here for future investigation.  
  1848 Mention of bands in Gravesend in a Poem found in 'A Sketch from the West-End' in "Sketches of London Life and Character, by Albert Smith et. al., [1849]" later editions entitled "Gavarni in London: sketches of life and character".


I've walked upon the Ramsgate sands-
I've seen the Isle of Wight,
And nodded to the Gravesend bands
That play from morn till night.
And Guernsey is too far away,
And Brighton is too near,
And dreary Worthing's like a tomb-
Where can we go this year?
1880 Date Venue Time
  1880 Band Established
Other bands may have also existed in the area - Gravesend Temperance Band, Gravesend Drum & Fife band have also been mentioned in local papers
  10/01/1880 First mention of a possible band for Gravesend:
... I believe the object is to make a town band, and if successful, they deserve much commendation for their spirit, which I trust the public generally will appreciate. In many towns of England there are town bands, ...
  17/01/1880 ... the Darnley Arms, Trafalgar Road, under Mr. Varnanl, who is conductor, and it will be known as the Gravesend brass band. It is the intention of the band to play during the when we hope to meet with the approval of the public, in regard to patronage and ...  
  14/02/1880 ... musically-inclined young men are welcome to join our band, and can receive the benefit of gratuitous instruction from our excellent bandmaster, so that I fail to see the use or 00011hi011 for a so-called town band. I am, sir, yours teal y, CHARLES STUART, Capt ...  
  05/1880 Need to check the Gravesend Reporter 08/05/1880 p5 to confirm if this was about us (searches on only return a limited number of words)
... principal streets of the town, and were listened to by hundreds of people, the general impression being that, with a little more steady practice, they will be able to hold their own against the other bands of music in the town and neighbourhood.
  03/07/1880 Notice to the Public:
The Gravesend Town Brass Band Band will play on the Clarendon Hotel lawn every Wednesday evening in July, from 7 till 9 o'clock
1881 Date Venue Time
1882 Date Venue Time
  08/1882 Gravesend Town Brass Band Band heading a procession from Meopham in traps.  
1883 Date Venue Time
1884 Date Venue Time
Fri 14/09/1885 The Gravesend Town Band played onboard the Koh-I-Noor passenger steamship, a paddlesteamer, which serviced the London to Clacton-on-Sea route daily. This was as part of the first annual benefit for Captain J.R.Holland, a native of Gravesend. It was reported that at one point "... Gravesend Town Band played, "Hearts of Oak", "A Life on the Ocean Wave," "The Bay of Biscay," and other nautical airs ..."  
1885 Date Venue Time
  01/1885 Gravesend Town Brass Band Band annual dinner of members reported in Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser. (searched via  
Wed 10/06/1885 Crystal Palace - Great Sunday School Fete and Concert. Gravesend Town Band is listed amongst the paricipants, as is Gravesend Gordon Choir. 18.00-
1886 Date Venue Time
1887 Date Venue Time
1888 Date Venue Time
1889 Date Venue Time
  23/03/1889 Advertisement in "The Era" weekly paper:
Wanted, for Gravesend Town Band, First and Second Violin, Flute, Harp, Basso. Share till Whit Monday, then Salary Three Months. Secretary, 15, Glover-street, Chatham
First reference to non-brass orchestral instruments, these do not fit with the Town Brass Band name. Were they separate organisations linked by a similar name, or possibly subsections of a larger musical organisation?