Past Concerts and Events - 1890s

1890 Date Event Time
  1890 Band Stand erected in Fort Gardens.  
Mon 18/08/1890 Local papers contained advertisments showing that Gravesend Town Band arranged an excursion to Margate and Ramsgate with the London, Chatham and Dover Railway Company. Tickets were available via any Band member with train pick-ups available from Gravesend, Rosherville, Southfleet, Farningham, Fawkham, Chatham, New Brompton, Grays, Tilbury Docks and Tilbury. Ticket prices were either 4s. or 3s.6d, with half price tickets available to those under 15 years of age. The train returned from Margate at 7.45 p.m., Ramsgate at 8 p.m. and would arrive in Gravesend in time for the Last Boat at the Gravesend Town Pier.  
Sat 13/12/1890 From The Gravesend Reporter
Established Over 11 Years.
The Committee and Members of the above Band beg most respectfully to tender their Annual Subscribers and the public generally their SINCERE THANKS for their generous support during the year,
And beg to announce that they intend to CONTINUE PLAYING in different parts of the town during the Christmas Season, under the direction of their efficient leader, Mr. J. Ward (late Royal Maring Band).
The Music Selected will be Appropriate for the Season.
Collectors will be appointed to collect while the Band is playing, and the WHOLE of the PROCEEDS will be handed over to the
(Children's Ward).
This being for a deserving institution, it is hoped that the Public will give their generous support.
Subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Secretary,
15, Windmill-street.

Note: "Established over 11 Years" implies the band was formed in 1879
1892 Date Event Time
Sat 13/02/1892 Advertisement in "The Era":
Wanted, bandmaster, for Gravesend Town Band. First-class Cornet Player preferred. For particulars, apply E. Dennis, Sec., 15, Windmill-st., Gravesend.
Mon 08/08/1892 The members of Court and Sanctuary "Robin Hood," Ancient Order of Foresters and Shepherds, 2694, held their Annual Grand Fete in the Bat and Ball Grounds, Gravesend. The Gravesend Town Band and Band of the Training Ship "Arethusa" paraded the Town in the Morning and played selections of music on the grounds during the Afternoon and Evening  
Mon 08/08/1892 Local papers contained advertisments showing that Gravesend Town Band arranged an excursion to Hastings. Tickets were available from Dartford, Greenhithe at 4/- and Northfleet, Gravesend, Higham and Strood at 3/6, with children half-price. Special terms and reserved carriages were available for choirs, schools and congregations.  
1894 Date Event Time
Wed 25/04/1894 Corporation Of Gravesend Whole Court minutes line 53 shows -
"Gordon Recreation Ground (Sunday Music).—The Town Clerk reported he had received an application from the Gravesend Town Band and Gravesend Excelsior Band to be allowed to play in the Gordon Memorial Grounds on Sunday afternoons during the summer months. The applications were referred to the Paving, Lighting and Works Committee."
Fri 27/04/1894 Corporation Of Gravesend Paving, Lighting, And Works Committee minutes line 59 shows -
"Gordon Memorial Ground (Sunday Music).—After consideration of the subject by the Council the Committee recommended that the Gravesend Town Band and Gravesend Excelsior Band be permitted to play in the Recreation Ground during the summer months on alternate Sunday afternoons."
Fri 14/09/1894 Gravesend Town Band onboard the Passenger Steamship Koh-i-Noor, owned by Palace Steamers Limited. This trip was the first annual benefit for Capt. J.R.Holland, a native of Gravesend. The Ship sailed from Clacton Pier around the Sunk, a lightship, and back to Clacton. Music played included Hearts of Oak, A Life on the Ocean Wave, The Bay of Biscay, and other nautical airs while a number of papers, parcels and periodicals were transferred to the Sunk. 14.45 - 16.45
1896 Date Event Time
  1896 Various Corporation Of Gravesend Committee minutes show that -
  • Gravesend and Milton Choral Society was granted the use of the Town Hall for weekly rehersals on a Tuesday evenings as long as it did not "interfere with Municipal meetings or purposes".
  1896 Corporation Of Gravesend Paving, Lighting, And Works Committee minutes line 43 shows -
"Gordon Grounds.—A letter having been read from the Gravesend Town Band, which had been strengthened by several members of the Borough Band, requesting permission to perform selections of music on the Promenade on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, the music to be suited to the day, the Committee recommended that permission be given during the pleasure of the Council, and invited the bandmaster to attend their next meeting to confer on the subject."
Fri 13/03/1896 Corporation Of Gravesend Paving, Lighting, And Works Committee minute shows -
"Music.—Read an application from the Gravesend Borough Band to be allowed to play on the Promenade on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings during the summer months. The consideration of the application was deferred until similar applications from other bodies had been received."
Fri 24/04/1896 Corporation Of Gravesend Paving, Lighting, And Works Committee minutes show -
"Music.—With reference to the application by the Gravesend Boro. Band, for permission to perform selections of sacred music on Sunday afternoons and miscellaneous music on Wednesday evenings on the promenade, referred to in former minutes, the Town Clerk was directed to intimate to the Secretary that the Committee would not be averse to permit such perfomances if they were rendered by a band selected from the best members of bands now existing in the Borough."
Fri 19/06/1896 Corporation Of Gravesend Paving, Lighting, And Works Committee minutes show -
"Gordon Grounds (Music).—Read letters from the Bandmaster, asking that an enclosure should be arranged in which the performers could play without being unduly pressed by the children and the public generally, and that the Council should reconsider their decision with regard to collections on Sunday. It appeared that under the present system five performances had realised only 17s. 1½d. net. It was referred to the Mayor, Chairman, Deputy Mayor, Alderman Cooper, and Councillor Archer to inspect the band-stands in the Terrace Gardens and on the Kent and Essex Estate, and report to this Committee, and meantime the Town Clerk was directed to inform the Bandmaster that the subjects referred to by him are under the consideration of the Committee."
Wed 29/07/1896 Gravesend Town Band came 2nd in a contest held at Terrace Pier, Gravesend as part of the Gravesend, Northfleet, and District Horticultural Society annual summer show, winning a prize of 5 and a cornet worth nine guineas. (Conductor: R.J.Marke of Stamford, Test piece: Gems of Albion).  
1897 Date Event Time
  1897 Various Corporation Of Gravesend Committee minutes show that -
  • "On Monday the 21st day of June, 1897, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon precisely." The whole court gathered "To seal a humble address to Her Majesty on the occasion of her having attained the sixtieth year of her reign, unprecedented alike for its length and for its glory." The Mayor unveiled a Statue of Her Majesty, which he had presented to the Corporation, in front of the Municipal Technical School in Darnley Road. "The Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors then, attended by the Bands of the 7th Battalion of the Tower Hamlets Militia and 1st Kent Artillery Volunteers, marched through the town to the Mayor's Paddock by Milton Church".
Sat 15/05/1897 Gravesend Town Band, 3rd place, Reading Contest (Second Section). (Conductor: R.J.Marke, Adjudicator: James Ord Hume, Test piece: Wales, a selection of Welsh melodies, arranged by James Ord Hume)
The band achieved 5th position in March Contest.
Northfleet Temperance Band was placed 2nd in the second section.
Sat 22/05/1897 Article mentioning Gravesend Town Band contesting on p7 in the Reading Mercury  
Tue 06/07/1897 The Band performed selections of music at the big lamp in Parrock-street, including the contest selection "Gems of Victorian Melody", which was to be performed at the Bexley Context on the morrow. A collection was made to defray expenses. J.T.Nash & J.J.Denton were the collectors Evening
Wed 07/07/1897 Gravesend Town Band came 2nd in a contest at Bexleyheath. (Conductor: B.Marke, Test piece: Victorian Melodies)
Possible typo of conductor's name - R.Marke)
Sat 04/09/1897 Band contest, Lower Dolphin Ground, Dolphin Hotel, Slough. There was a very strong wind, and clouds, but no rain. The band tent was damaged, and poles lifted out of the ground on a number of occasions. Gravesend Town Band had 21 musicians and played first of seven bands, they were conducted by Mr. R. J. Marke. The test piece was "Gems of Victorian Melody" and their second selection of their own choice was "Smiles and Tears". Adjudicator Mr. G. T .H. Seddon of London placed Aylesbury Printing Works 1st, Slough and Chalvey 2nd, North London Temperance 3rd and Feltham 4th. The other bands were not placed: Gravesend Town, Midland Railway Locomotive, Uxbridge and Hillingdon. 2 expected bands did not attend: Willesden Junction, Woburn Sands. Afternoon
Wed 08/12/1897 Corporation Of Gravesend Whole Court minutes show -
"Town Band.—His Worship also stated that the Town Band had purchased some 250 worth of new brass instruments, which they wished should belong to the Town to be used by the members of the Band. The scheme they proposed was set out in a print which had been circulated amongst the members of the Court. The Band propose to open a Banking account, and they have asked the Mayor, with an Alderman and a Councillor (Mr. Alderman Butchard and Mr. Councillor Penney) to allow their names to be employed for such account. If no member of the council had any adverse view to express, then those gentlemen proposed to accede to the request so made to them."
1898 Date Event Time
Tue 22/03/1898 Played at the new public hall for the first day of Gravesend Football Club's grand bazaar, loan exhibition and picture gallery. Two enjoyable concerts were given in the upper hall, and selections of music were also given from the balcony by the Gravesend Town Band. 14.00 -
Tue 31/05/1898 Gravesend Town Band came 5th in a contest at Luton. (Conductor: R.J.Marke, Test piece: La Favorita)  
Sat 18/06/1898 Band contest, promoted by the Gravesend Town Band, on the Football Ground. The bands assembled at one o'clock at the Jubilee Clock Tower and played to the contest ground. Gravesend Town Band was in the second section. Northfleet Temperance was in the first section which was won by Rushden Temperance Band. Mayor Mr. G. M. Arnold presented the prizes.
Rushden, conducted by Mr. H. Baker, gave two concerts on Sunday - afternoon and evening, on the promenade.
Mon 01/08/1898 August Bank Holiday fete at Maidstone Athletic Groundwith over 6,000 people in attendance.
The Gravesend Town Band—a strong combination of musicians—discoursed sweet music throughout the proceedings.
Sat 03/09/1898 Gravesend Town Band, 2nd place, Apsley Contest. (Conductor: R.J.Marke)  
Wed 23/11/1898 Corporation Of Gravesend Market Opening Sub-Committee minutes line 10 shows -
"Market Opening.—It was resolved to recommend the Town Council to proceed in state from the Town Hall up High street and so round to the Market accompanied by the Volunteer Band."
"Volunteer Band" most probably refers to the 1st K.A.V. Band.
1899 Date Event Time
  1899 Various Corporation Of Gravesend Committee minutes show that -
  • Tenders were invited "for the supply and fixing of a new or second-hand band stand at a cost of about 100" for the Gordon Promenade, advertisements being placed in the "Builder," "Kent Messenger," and two local papers.
  • A tender of 98 was accepted from Mr De Wardt to build the band stand.
  • The Secretary of State for War consented to the Band Stand being erected on the Gordon Promenade on condition that the same be considered as "an encroachment."
  • The Choral Society used the Town Hall for practice during the winter months.
Sun 02/04/1899 Gravesend Town Band played a programme of Music, including the descriptive Fantasia, "Joan of Arc" (test piece to be played at Barnet Contest on Easter Monday [see 03/04/1899]), in the Town Hall New Market, by kind permission of the Town Council. Collection in aid of the Band Funds. Collector, T. Higgins. Conductor, R. J. Mark.. Hon. Secretary. J. J. Denton. 20.00 -
Mon 03/04/1899 Gravesend Town Band, not placed, Barnet Contest.  
Sat 29/04/1899 Gravesend Town Band, not placed, Berkhamsted Contest. (Conductor: R.J.Marke, Test piece: Songs of the Sea)
Joint 2nd place in March contest. 2nd prize (10s.) divided between Gravesend and Watford LNWR (London and North Western Railway)
Sat 13/05/1899 The South Eastern Gazette reported that the Mayor of Maidstone had received a communication from the Gravesend Town Band asking if they would be allowed to perform in the town Gardens. They would not charge anything for their services, but would collect from the listeners. The matter had been referred to the Recreation and Allotments Committee.  
Wed 17/05/1899 Corporation Of Gravesend Watch Committee minutes show -
"Market (Music).—The Chief Constable suggested that printed notices should be displayed in the Market Place during the performance of the Town Band, reminding visitors that it was a promenade concert, and requesting them to keep moving to the right."
Thu 18/05/1899 Corporation Of Gravesend Town Hall And Market Committee minutes show -
"Market (Music).—The application of the Gravesend Town Band for permission to play in the covered Market, next Sunday evening, was granted on the former terms."
Sun 21/05/1899 Concert, Covered Market, Gravesend.  
Sat 19/08/1899 Contest held at Gravesend, not known if Gravesend Band competed.  
Mon 25/09/1899 Corporation Of Gravesend Town Hall And Market Committee minutes show -
"Market (Music).—With reference to the application of the Gravesend Town Prize Band, referred by the Council, it was recommended that it be acceded to on the following terms :—
  1. The Band is to be allowed to play in the Market on such Wednesday evenings as the Market is not otherwise engaged.
  2. The Market is not to be closed against the public, nor is any charge to be made.
  3. The Band is not to play after 10 o'clock p.m.
  4. The concession is to be only during the pleasure of the Committee."