Past Concerts and Events - 1930s

1931 Date Event Time
  1931 From the Band's Annual Statement of Accounts to October, 1930:
The band was called "Gravesend Town Silver Band" and practiced at Lord Street Mission Hall. The Bandmaster was Mr. G. Chapman. Finances were not as sucessful as in previous years due to bad weather and a large amount of unemployment in the district. During the year the band purchased 4 Clarionettes from the Gloucestershire Regiment who along with other Regimental Bands were lowering their pitch. The instruments were in first-class condition and were a great improvement to the Reed Section of the Band. Engagement money was shared between members taking part as recompense for lost time etc. The band played 36 programmes on the Promenade on Sundays and attended Mayoral Church Parades, Annual Concert at the Poor Law Institution, Hospital Fete, and Tennis Finals (for Benefit of Hospital).
1932 Date Event Time
  1932 From the Band's Annual Statement of Accounts to October, 1931:
The band was called "Gravesend Town Silver Band" and practiced at Lord Street Mission Hall. The Bandmaster was Mr. G. Chapman. The past season was the worse since the War [First World War] due to continuous bad weather and wet weekends and the bad state of trade generally. The band however carried out its obligations and played in all weathers on the Promenade. New instruments were needed, some having been in continuous use for over 30 years. Engagement money was shared between members to recompense them for their time, etc. The band played 37 programmes on the Promenade on Sundays and attended Mayoral Church Parades, Annual Concert at the Poor Law Institution, Hospital Carnival, Ambulance Dedication, Church Army Service etc.
Sat 07/05/1932 From "The Reporter"
GRAVESEND TOWN BAND. — The Borough Band commences its season on Sunday by performing programmes of music on the Gordon Promenade afternoon and evening at 3.15 and 7. The finances of the band are exhausted, and the Band Committee hope that the general public will rally to their support and so establish the Band on a sound financial basis.
Sun 08/05/1932 First of a season of concerts on Gordon Promenade. 15.15
Sun 08/05/1932 First of a season of concerts on Gordon Promenade. 19.00
Sat 21/05/1932 From "The Reporter"
The Town Clerk reported to the Buildings, Roads and Parks Committee that he had recieved letters from the Band of the 2nd Batt. the Gloucestershire Regiment, the Gravesend Town Band, and from the Northfleet Silver Prize Band, stating the terms they were prepared to accept in case of concerts not being held owing to inclement weather, namely: The Band of the 2nd Batt. the Gloucestershire Regiment, 1 on any one day. The Northfleet Silver Prize Band, August Bank Holiday, 6 6s. if no performance is given on that day, and 9 9s. if one performance only be given. The Gravesend Town Silver Band, Whit Monday, 6 6s. if no performance is given on that day, and 9 9s. if one performance only be given. — These terms were accepted.
Wed 08/06/1932 The band processed from the Town Hall to the New Tavern Fort with Sir Kingsley Wood, the Postmaster-General, Major Albery, M.P. for Gravesend, the Bishop of Rochester, plus the mayors of Gravesend, Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham. They were met by a crowd of 3000 for the opening of the Fort as a pleasure garden by the Earl of Darnley, as part of the celebrations of the tercentenary of Gravesend's Mayoral Charter.
During the evening the band of the 2nd Batt. Gloucester Regiment played, along with other entertainments, ending with a firework display at 10 p.m.
Sat 02/07/1932 From "The Reporter"
GRAVESEND TOWN BAND. — The Committee of the Band wish it to be known that they have appointed Mr. L. J. Burgess, of 17, Raphael-road, Gravesend as Secretary.
Sun 30/10/1932 Annual General Meeting in the Band-room, Lord-street, Mr. B. Cooper being in the chair. It was learned from the Treasurer (Mr. W. Green) that the Band had not the finances in hand that could be expected considering the fine summer and the large number of people who visited the promenade on Sunday afternoons and evenings. The condition of the Band's uniforms was commented upon, and it was resolved to procure funds to purchase new uniforms in the near future, provided the townsppeople would give their whole-hearted support to the various efforts of the bandsmen. Mr. G. Chapman, who has been bandmaster for a considerable number of years, tendered his resignation, which was received with regret. Mr. A. Snelling, late of the Worcestershire Regiment, who is well known locally, was unanimously elected bandmaster.  
1934 Date Event Time
Sun 23/09/1934 From "The Reporter"
The Gravesend Town Silver Band held their first annual outing on Sunday. A party of thirty left the Band's headquarters in Lord-street at 8.30 a.m., en route for Brighton. A halt was made at "The Cricketers," Meopham, for breakfast, where an excellent repast was served by Mr. C. G. Furnell, the host. During the meal Mr. G. Turner welcomed the visitors in a neat speach. Brighton was reached at mid-day, where the party dispersed and spent a most enjoyable day. Tea was taken at the Aquarium Restaurant, after which the party left for Tunbridge Wells en route for home. During this short stay, Mr. W. N. Green, on behalf of everyone present thanked Mr. Turner for arranging such a splendid outing, which was enjoyed by all.
1935 Date Event Time
Sat 12/01/1935 From "The Reporter"
It was reported at the Gravesend Town Council on Wednesday that a Sub-Committee had interviewed a deputation consisting of Messrs B. Cooper, F. Johnson, H. Langridge and W. Green
The letter addressed to the Town Clerk and from Mr. W. A. Green, secretary of the Town Band, was as follows:-
"I am instructed by my Committe to ask you to convey to the Gravesend Town Council the urgent need of new instruments required by the above Band.
"It is the desire of the Committee to meet a deputation from the Council to discuss ways and means of raising sufficient money to cover the cost of a complete new set of instruments, which would amount to ?????
"The Committee would be very grateful for any assistance given them and ?????ly hope that the Council will grant their request to meet a deputation which would enable them to discuss the matter thoroughly."
The Sub-Committee instructed the Town Clerk to take certain steps and deferred the matter for further consideration.
Mon 06/05/1935 From the programme of official functions "In Celebration of the Silver Jubilee of Their Majesties King George V. and Queen Mary"
Band Concert — By the Gravesend Town Band, at Woodlands Park. There will also be Community Singing under the direction of Mr. David J. Thomas.
19.00 - 20.00
Sat 17/08/1935 From "The Reporter" Notes of the Week
Gravesend Town Silver Band.
To-morrow, Saturday, August 17, a Flag Day is being held for the purpose of collecting funds towards the purchase of a new set of instruments for the Gravesend Town Silver Band. It is not generally realised by the public of Gravesend the several difficulties with which the Band is now contending. The instruments now in use are throughly worn out after being in service for over 30 years, and are very difficult to perform on; in fact, they are injurious to the health of the players. It must be remembered that the Band consists of ordinary working men (some of them at present unemployed) who give their services to the town whenever they are required. Some of these services are performed out of sight of the public, such as concerts given in the Institution to the old folks to try and brighten up their lives with a little music. Generally, the Band undoubtedly plays a prominent part in the life of the town, and is therefore deserving of all the support that the public can give. It is hoped that this effort to raise funds will meet with the fullest success to enable the Band to carry on. Some of the older residents in the town will recollect the days when the Band won contest prizes and medals, and although circumstances have brought about a change, there is no reason why an effort cannot be made to raise the status of the Band, and let such a growing and progressive town as Gravesend posess a first rate Band.

Patrons or Sponsors.
It would be of great advantage if any sufficiently interested would become patrons or sponsors of the Band. To further show the necessity of new instruments, it may be stated that experts have been called in from the largest instrument firms to value the set of instruments now in use, and the highest offer is in the region of 60 for the lot. When it is pointed out that basses alone cost 65 each, it can easily be seen how worthless the old instruments are, and what a strain is put upon the performers. The upkeep of a Band is no light matter financially, for it must be remembered that repairs to instruments and fittings, music, rent and rates, lighting, etc., all have to be paid for and here again it can be pointed out that a great service could be rendered to the Band if there was anyone benevolent enough to provide them with a free hall for their practices in place of the present unsuitable building. Sufficient has been mentioned to prove the difficulties under which the Band is suffering, but their greatest need is new instruments, and it is hoped that the public of Gravesend will rally round the band and make this Flag Day an outstanding success.
Sat 31/08/1935 From "The Reporter" Correspondence
To the Editor.
Sir,—The instruments of the above band are completely worn out, having been in use fo over 30 years and needless to say are very difficult to perform on.
The cost of a complete new set amounts to 450, and in an endeavour to assist the committee to raise funds, Messrs. Gergels, of High-street, have sportingly offered them the sum of 10 providing they can obtain 20 donors of 2.
The Band has many calls for its services during the year, and it would be a great loss to the Borough if it were allowed to disband owing to the lack of funds.
May I, therefore, through the medium of your columns, appeal to 20 sportsmen of Gravesend to make a donation of 2, and by doing so not only allow the Committee to claim the 10 offered, but to ensure the continuation of the good work already done.
—Yours faithfully,
W. A. GREEN, Secretary. 49 Granville-road, Gravesend.
Sat 28/09/1935 From "The Reporter"
New Instruments Fund.
It is pleasing to be able to record additional donors in connection with the sporting offer of Mr. Gluck, who has generously promised 10 to the above Fund providing that 20 donorsof 2 each can be found.
This is a great chance for music lovers to show their appreciation of the efforts put forth by the Band to provide the town with something that is really essential, for who can imagine a large town like Gravesend, with its various functions, such as the Hospital Carnival and other parades, without a Band?
It must again be emphasised taht the Band is at present under a great handicap by having to use instruments that are thoroughly worn out, and must be replaced by new ones. With this object in view, an appeal is being made, and it is hoped that everyone who can will come forward and do their best to help.
The full list of donors is as follows :—
Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co. Ltd.220
Mr. A. E. Barnes (Rainbow Stores)220
Mr. I. J. Albery. M.C., M.P.200
Mr. and Mrs. Adlington200
Mr. E. F. Challis200
Messrs. F. W. Woolworth and Co.200
Mr. C. Long (Butcher)200
Mr. J. Bell200
Messrs. Charrington and Co.200
Messrs. Bryant and Rackstraw200
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Knowles200
"Music Lover"200
Messrs. Marks and Spencer110
Sat 28/09/1935 Gravesend and Northfleet British Legion annual drumhead service at Milton Barracks. Although initially dry the service was curtailed due to rain, and the final march past took place in a downpour. The service was attended by 10 branches plus 2nd Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles. There were 3 bands: St. John Ambulance Brigade; Gravesend Silver Band (Bandmaster A. Snelling); 2nd Batt. The Royal Ulster Rifles.  
Sat 12/10/1935 From "The Reporter"
New Instrument Fund.
It is again pleasing to report progress in respect of the scheme inaugurated by Mr.Gluck for the raising of funds concerning the above, and it only remains for four more donors of 2 each to come forward to complete the list and it hoped that these may be found by the end of next week so that the offer of 10 can be clamed.
The full list of donors is as follows :—
Messrs. Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co. Ltd.220
Mr. A. E. Barnes (Rainbow Stores)220
Mr. I. J. Albery. M.C., M.P.200
Mr. and Mrs. Adlington200
Mr. E. F. Challis200
Messrs. F. W. Woolworth and Co.200
Mr. C. Long (Butcher)200
Mr. J. Bell200
Messrs. Charrington and Co.200
Messrs. Bryant and Rackstraw200
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Knowles200
"Music Lover"200
T. A. Delarne and Son200
Councillor R. T. Lester200
Employees of the Gravesend and Milton Gas Co.200
Major G. S. Sunnucks200
Many thanks are due to the above, also to—   
Messrs. Marks and Spencer110
Councillor A. W. Howcroft 100
Sat 26/10/1935 From "The Reporter"
Sporting Offer Sequel.
Mr. E. Gluck, proprietor of the well-known ladies' and children's outfitting establishment in High-street, has handed over to the Gravesend Town Silver Band the sum of 10.
This is the happy sequel to Mr. Gluck's sporting offer of 10 to the new instrument fund if the Band could find 20 donors of 2 each.
The band has been successful, as the following list of donations shows:— Messrs. Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co. Ltd., Mr. A. E. Barnes (Rainbow Stores) 2 2s each; Mr. I. J. Albery. M.C., M.P., Mr. and Mrs. Adlington, Mr. E. F. Challis, Messrs. F. W. Woolworth and Co., Mr. C. Long (Butcher), Mr. J. Bell, Messrs. Charrington and Co., Messrs. Bryant and Rackstraw, Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Knowles, "Music Lover," Mr. A. D. Delarue, Councillor R. T. Lester, Employees of the Gravesend and Milton Gas Co., Major G. S. Sunnucks, Alderman W.E. Thomas, J.P., C.C., Gravesend Old Contemptibles, President of Old Contemptibles, Messrs. Porter, Putt and Fletcher, 2 each; Messrs. Marks and Spencer, Mr. A. E. Mole (Nottons), 1 1s. each; Mr. David Greig, 1; Councillor A. W. Howcroft, 10s.
The grateful thanks of the Band are tendered to Mr. Gluck for his interest and generosity, and to all who have so kindly helped to make the sporting scheme a success.
It must not be taken for granted that this success will be the means of providing the new instruments, but it certainly is of the most valuable assistance towards that object. Should there be others who would like to help in any way, their contributions would be very welcome, as there is always need for funds until the Band can be placed on a sure foundation. Contributions should be addressed to Mr. W. Green (Secretary), 49, Granville-road, Gravesend
The band is always ready to give its services to the town. It is hoped that the public generally will take all the interest they possibly can in supporting this institution. A Band has several matters that require attention , such as up-to-date music, repairs to instruments and stands, and these require money. There is already a list of annual subscribers, but it is hoped that this year the list will be augmented, and so place the Band in an assured position financially. Any amount, large or small, will be gratefully accepted.
Sat 09/11/1935 Councillor G. R. Croft unanimously elected as Mayor of Gravesend at the annual meeting of the Town Council. During his acceptance speech the Mayor announced his intention for his year of office was to endeavour to raise something like 300 to 350 to provide new instruments for the Town Band, and in that connection he looked forward to the support of the townspeople.  
Sat 07/12/1935 From "The Reporter"
The Mayor of Gravesend has taken upon himself the task of raising sufficient funds to provide new instruments for the Gravesend Town Band. A total sum of about 450 is required, and towards this approximately 100 has been raised. If the Band is to continue its good work it is absolutely essential that all the present instruments should be replaced. The Band has a long and honourable record in Gravesend and district and it would be a great misfortune if it should have to disband. We trust that the efforts of the Mayor will meet with plenty of support and that the necessary funds will soon be raised.
Sun 15/12/1935 Lead procession from Gravesend Clock Tower to Milton Church for a British Legion memorial service for the late Admiral of the Fleet, the Earl Jellicoe, the Vice Patron of the British Legion. The procession assembled at the Clock Tower 10.15 a.m., with the service held at 11 a.m. The 2nd Batt. R.U.R. was also present at the service. All ex-Servicemen were invited to the parade, and also other Branches of the British Legion. —The Rev. H. J. Powell (Hon. C.F.) conducted the service. 10.15
Sun 15/12/1935 British Legion parade and memorial service for the late Admiral of the Fleet, the Earl Jellicoe. The Town Band lead the parade. 10.15 - 12.00
Sat 21/12/1935 From "The Reporter" Correspondence
To the Editor.

Sir,—During my year of Office I have undertaken to provide new instruments for the Town Band at a total cost of approximately 500.
The Committee of the band have in hand about 100, leaving me to raise 400. I am confident that the residents of Gravesend would be sorry if the Town should not have its Band, and it wouls also be regretable if the Fort Gardens and Promenade had to go without their musical programme during the summer months.
Will you kindly help me to raise the 400 required? Any donations received will be acknowledged both in the Press and by the Borough Treasurer, Mr. H. J. King. who has kindly consented to act as Hon. Treasurer. I am making this appeal with the greatest confidence that you will support me in my endeavour to raise the Town Band to the position that such an organisation should hold in the public life of the Borough.
Donations may be sent to the Mayor's Parlour or addressed to the Borough Treasurer, Woodville-terrace. Gravesend

Geo. R. Croft (Mayor).
Gravesend Town Hall.
19th December 1935.
1936 Date Event Time
Fri 31/01/1936 From "The Reporter"
The funeral of Mr. Joseph Bell, who died under tragic circumstances, was held at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Windmill Street with interrment at Gravesend Cemetry.
The "Deceased was a popular member of the Gravesend Town Band, six members walked beside the coffin as it was borne to the Cemetry."
One of the floral tributes was inscribed "Deepest sympathy, from Members of the Town Band."
Sat 21/03/1936 A report in the Kensington Post suggests that both Gravesend and Northfleet bands would attend the Paddington Brass Band Festival at the Baths Hall, in Porchester Road. There would be a procession of nearly 30 bands and 300 bandsmen, test pieces were "Works of Liszt" and "The Crusader", and tickets cost 1s. each.
The list of contestants on the website doesn't include Gravesend as attending.
Sat 28/03/1936 From "The Reporter", with a photograph of Mr. Thomas W. Stopford in uniform.
The appointment of Mr. Thomas W. Stopford, formerly of the Loyal Regimant, as conductor of Gravesend Town Band, should prove very popular. Mr. Stopford commenced his musical training at the age of eleven, when he played baritone in his School bands. At the age of fourteen he enlisted in the Inniskilling Fusiliers. After gaining musical honours in a pupils' course at Kneller Hall, he served in the latter part of the South African War and was promoted full Corporal. In 1907 he proceeded on foreign service at Crete, Malta, North China, and India, and the next year was apponted Band Sergeant. He gained other honours at Kneller Hall in 1914, and was appointed Bandmaster of the 2nd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in 1915, a position he held until 1934. He took the Band into Germany during the period of Allied occupation. After the War the Loyal's Band had engagements at all the principal holidays resorts in the South, and it was selected for the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley. Mr. Stopford trained and conducted the massed bands for the Aldershot Tattoo, and his musical compositions include the marches "The 27th Regiment" (prize march), "Quebec," "Tarifa," "San Sebastian," and "Maida," the serenade "Fiore di Levante," and the march "Tidworth" (specially composed for the Tidworth Tattoo. 193435). His many friends in Gravesend will extend their best wishes to Mr. Stopford in his new effort.
Sat 02/05/1936 From "The Reporter"
New Instruments Arrive.
Throughout the week new instruments for the Gravesend Town Band have been displayed in the windows of the Gravesend Co-operative Societys Furnishing Department in Milton-road. The instruments have cost nearly 500 and another 200 is still needed. The instruments have been obtained through the efforts of the Mayor of Gravesend (Councillor G. R. Croft, J.P.), who inaugurated a fund to purchase them. The Mayor has taken a keen interest in all branches of the band. The presentation of the instruments will be made by Councillor Croft on Sunday afternoon, May 17th, when a concert will be given by the band in Fort Gardens. The Mayor is making a special appeal to the public to attend.
Sun 17/05/1936 At the Bandstand in the Fort Gardens, Gravesend, the Mayor (Councillor G. R. Croft, J.P.) presented the band with a new set of instruments, and a celebratory concert was given. Two photographs were published in The Reporter with the following captions:
• The Gravesend Town Silver Band, grouped in Fort Gardens, on Sunday afternoon, after the presentation of new instruments by the Mayor (Councillor G. R. Croft, J.P.). His Worship is seated beind the big drum. The new Bandmaster, Mr. T. W. Stopford, is on the Mayor's left.
• Mayoress presenting baton to the new Bandmaster.
Sun 22/11/1936 Band A.G.M.
From "The Reporter" -(and a summary of what was presented in the Band's Annual Statement of Accounts to October, 1936)
Credit Balance Reported At Annual Meeting.
At the annual general meeting of the Gravesend Town Silver Band, held at Lord-street on Sunday, the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer (Mr. W. A. Green) reported that the Band was now completely out of debt and had a credit balance of 25.
Mr. G. Chapman (President) was in the chair. He referred to the Band's excellent progress during the past year.
Presenting his report, Mr. Green said that the past year had been the most successful for a long time. In May the ex-Mayor (Mr. G. R. Croft, J.P.) had presented the Band with a set of new instruments. They had obtained the services of Mr. T. W. Stopford as Bandmaster, and had also enrolled eleven new members, bringing their numerical strength up to 28. 140 had resulted from engagements, thirty of which had been attended during the summer. The Band had attended parades of the hospital, British Legion, Old Contemptibles, and the Mayoral Procession.
A vote of thanks to the officers was moved by Mr. H. Twist.
The following officers were elected : Bandmaster, Mr. T. W. Stopford ; Deputy Bandmaster, Mr. H. Langridge ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. W. A. Green ; Librarian and Custodian, Mr. A Langridge ; Committee, Messrs. G. Woolgar, H. Starvis, F. Johnson, M. Coleman, R. Mealin, A. Smith, B. Cooper.
1937 Date Event Time
Wed 12/05/1937 Gravesend Town Band headed the procession of representatives of the Town for King George VI's coronation celebration. The parade ran from the Market Hall, along Terrace-street and Harmer-street to the Clock Tower. There was a Royal Salute and the procession proceeded to St. George's Church for a service with hymns, finally returning back to the Town Hall. Later in the day there was another parade due from the Market Hall to the Woodlands Park, however the weather was so wet that it was postponed (luckily London stayed dry). The Town Band, who were to head the parade, gave lively selections of music to the large gatering of people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves by singing and dancing.  
  10/1937 From the Band's Annual Statement of Accounts to October, 1936:
The band was called "Gravesend Town Silver Band" and practiced at Lord Street Mission Hall. The Bandmaster was Mr. T.W.Stopford (late Bandmaster 2nd Bn. The Loyal (North Lancashire) Regiment). The band has a new set of instruments thanks to an appeal by G.R.Croft, Esq., J.P. and also obtained the services of a new conductor Mr. T. W. Stopford The band played 30 programmes on the Promenade on Sundays and attended Mayoral Church Parades, Annual Concert at the Poor Law Institution, Hospital Carnivals, British Legion and Old Contemptibles' parades.
1939 Date Event Time
  1939 Band uniform - dark blue with high collar jackets trimmed in red and gold, and peaked hats.  
  1939 From the Band's Annual Statement of Accounts to October, 1938:
The band was called "Gravesend Town Silver Band" and practiced at Lord Street Mission Hall. The Bandmaster was Mr. T.W.Stopford. The band played 26 programmes on the Promenade and attended Mayoral Church Parades, Annual Concert at the Poor Law Institution, Hospital Carnivals, British Legion and Old Contemptibles' parades.
Sat 18/03/1939 From "The Reporter", including a photograph of Douglas Turner in uniform.
Joins Army At Gravesend.
Gravesend Town Silver Band has lost its youngest member and "mascot" 14-year-old Douglas Turner who has lately joined the 2nd Batt. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment, stationed at Milton Barracks, Gravesend, as a Band boy.
Posessed of a cheerful disposition and curly mop of hair, Douglas was generally known to members of the Town Band as "Curly the Mascot."
His future career will be followed with great interest by the members, with whom he gained his knowledge of Band work and which should prove of value to him.
His parents Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Turner, 39, Mayfield-road, Northfleet, are naturally very proud of him, and attribute his musical progress as a clarinet player to his association with the Town Band.
Douglas was a member of All Saints' Church, Perry Street, Scouts (4th Gravesend) and a member of the Church Choir for six years.
He was presented with an inscribed Bible by the Vicar. Rev. E. G. R. Hougham, in the presence of the full choir.

Douglas Turner went on to a distinguished military music career (more elsewhere in the Band's history). His brother Eric returned to the Band after the war and served for many years as horn player, Secretary and Treasurer.
Tue 18/04/1939 Corporation Of Gravesend Finance and Law Committee minutes show -
"Gravesend Town Silver Band.
Recommended that a grant of 125 be made to the Band on the following conditions:
  1. That two members of the Council shall be appointed to represent the Corporation on the Town Band Committee and that one of these representatives be appointed Chairman.
  2. That the Band be required to give 5 additional evening performances in consideration of the extra grant of 25.
  3. That the Band be authorised to take collections as in previous years.
  4. That these arrangements be subject to further consideration at the end of the season.
Note. Recommended that Councillors Lester and Coles be appointed as the Council's representatives on the Town Band Committee.
Sat 17/06/1939 From "The Reporter",
Want Sundays Off.
The minutes of a meeting of the Parks Sub-Committee re Bands Performances stated: The Town Clerk reported reciept of a letter from the Gravesend Town Band in which the Band agreed to the conditions set out in the finance and law Committee minutes of 18th April, with the exception of the condition that one of the Council's representatives be appointed Chairman of the Band Committee. The Band asked that their present Chairman who had acted in this capacity for many years be allowed to continue and suggested that Councillor Lester be appointed Vice-Chairman. The letter further stated that the Band should be free one Sunday each month. The Town Clerk was instructed to reply stating that unless the Band are prepared to play every Sunday during the season the Council will make other arrangements and no financial grant will be made.
Councillor Lester said he had been made Chairman of the Band. He thought it would be a good idea to give them one Sunday off in a month. It was a rather a tie on the men to have to play through the summer. Everybody liked a spell off. He suggested an amendment that the Band have a Sunday off and that the Sub-Committee be authorised to engage another Band on that particular Sunday.
Councillor Hagard: Is he suggesting that we should pay something for that Band?
The Town Clerk suggested that there might be and amendment that the Town Band be allowed a Sunday off, the Band to make other arrangements.
Councillor Hagard: Do they not put the hat round?
The Mayor: We pay them 125 for the year.
Councillor Lester: I want it to be throughly understood that you would have to pay for the other Band.
Alderman Clunn: Many of us do not know anything about this matter. It seems to be a further commitment above the 125.
Alderman Morris: It is no good sending it back to the Sub-Committee. Summer will soon be gone. We have been sympathetic to the Band. We could have made a good many engagements with other Bands for 125.
The Town Clerk: Would this do? That the Band be allowed a Sunday off, provided that the Sub-Committee can arrange for another Band without incurring a financil liability.
Councillor Mrs. Cole said she knew the difficulty that shift men had to attend practices. The Town Band had had a good deal of help. During the Mayorality of Mr. Croft instruments were obtained for them. Take the neighbouring town of Northfleet! The men there had had to fight their way up. She thought the Gravesend Band ought to put grit in and do the same. She would support the Sub-Committee's minutes, or that if the Band were to have a Sunday off they provide another Band free of cost to the Corporation.
Sat 24/06/1939 From "The Reporter",
To the Editor.
Sir,—Your last week's issue contained an item in the Council news referring to the Town Band. Is the time not long overdue when these fellows should be given a little encouragement at the hands of the Town's representatives? At present the Band is short handed and requires additional good players, and this can only be brought about by the help of the Council, and therefore such remarks as were made at the meeting had better have been left out.
To the minds of many, and myself, the discussion was certainly distasteful, and very hurtful to a combination of fellows struggling to give of their best in very difficult times.
Very creditable performances have been and can be put up under the tuition of their talented bandmaster, and all that seems to be required is a helping hand and less aspersions from the people duly elected to represent the townspeople of Gravesend.
—Yours truly.
Sun 16/07/1939 From "Dover Express",
The Kentish Units of the St. John Ambulance Brigade annual inspection and church parade at Dover. Four bands on parade - Gravesend Band, Faversham Silver Band, Folkestone British Legion Band and Hastings Band.
Gravesend Band sounded the General Salute when the Inspecting Officer took up his position just before 3 p.m. and the Faversham Silver Band played the National Anthem. After the inspection, there was a march past to St.Mary's Church and St James' Church for church services
[It seems likely that this refers to the St Johns Ambulance Gravesend and District Division Band rather than the Gravesend Town Band. Similar reports exist for a parades in 1933 & 1937]
Fri 01/09/1939 Britain joins World War 2  
  10/1939 From the Band's Annual Statement of Accounts to October, 1988 "All our yesterdays" 50 years ago section:
With the declaration of war the following members are serving with H.M.Forces, George Woolgar, Eric Turner, Les Souter, Bob Mealin. The band is now taking youngsters who are being taught by Bandmaster Tom Stopford to keep the band going during the duration of the war.
Thu 30/11/1939 Corporation Of Gravesend Finance and General Purposes Committee minutes show -
"Gravesend Town Silver Band
A letter was received from the above, stating that it has been decided that the affairs of the Band be wound up and that all Instruments and other property be given over to the Town Council in trust, pending the reformation of the Band. It is suggested that the instruments be stored in the Bandroom.
It was left to the Councillor Lester and the Town Clerk to make arrangements for the storage of the instruments."