Band Rules.

The band rules are currently undergoing a review by the committee. The existing rules as set out in 1992 are...

This band shall be known as the "Gravesend Borough Band".

The band shall be governed by a committee. Subject to the committee, the resident conductor shall have absolute control at practices, etc.

The Committee shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and five other members. It shall be elected at an annual meeting. The resident conductor is a permanent member with full voting powers. The quorum is four members.

Proposed playing members must be approved by the Committee and resident Conductor.

The Committee desire that all players shall be smart and that smart black shoes be worn with uniform.

Each member shall have the right of appeal to the Committee.

Practices are to commence at 7:30 p.m. Members will keep a proper silence, and behaviour, when the resident conductor or other officials are speaking at practices, etc.

Any faults which are found with an instrument should be reported to a member of the committee.

No member shall play any other member's instrument without the consent of the member concerned, or by the committee members present.

No member shall use their band instrument for any other purpose than that of the band, without first obtaining permission from the resident conductor, or a member of the committee.

In all matters concerning band engagements the minority shall be expected to fall in line with the majority vote.

Every member of the Band shall agree to these rules, a copy of which shall be in the bandroom. Members upon acceptance, and signing a membership form, shall be given a copy of the rules. The member's signature on the said form shall be taken as proof of the member having undertaken the duties and liabilities of membership, and their being honour bound to support the committee.

These rules are to be understood and accepted in a liberal spirit by all members, and strictly adhered unto.

The Committee of Gravesend Borough Band.