Training Band.

The training band was formed in June 2004 with a primary aim of coaching and encouraging youngsters, and those who may not be quite so young, to become more proficient in their playing, and to introduce them to the enjoyment that can be experienced playing together in a group. Hopefully these musicians will thrive, and continue on to become members of the full band as their experience grows.

We generally contact potential members through their teacher, although if you believe you may benefit from membership and your teacher does not know about us please feel free to contact us. Players who are not recommended by a teacher may have to have a small audition (nothing to worry about), or be accepted in to the band on a trial basis.
As a general guideline musicians should have reached a standard equivalent to grade 3 before joining (although they need not have taken any examinations).
A number of the helpers with he training band have been CRB checked.

We will consider adult members for the band if they are learning or if they have recently returned to playing after learning whilst at school and they are not yet of a suitable standard to be members of the full band.

Band practice is Thursdays, in school term time, between 18.30 and 19.15. For further details see the join us page.

The training band is supported by the Music for Schools Foundation. Bev who runs the training band, with help from other band members, is one of their teachers.